Projection Texturing Tool

Pixexix lets you draw onto your 3D models using any 2D image editor.

What Pixexix does:
Features: Pixexix Free Pixexix Pro
Works on Windows and OSX
Import .obj, .jpeg and .png
Project .png and layered .psd images onto your models
Export .png
Occlusion, Backface, Depth and Normal culling settings (with fade)
Re-order snapshot projections just like layers in photoshop
projects beyond UV borders to prevent visible seams
Supports .obj files containing multiple meshes, which can be projected onto individually or together.
Perspective and Orthographic projection
Take snapshots larger than 1024^2 pixels -
View models with lighting and output snapshots of lighting for reference. -
Load a normal map for the lighting -
Load extra reference textures -

Licence: Pixexix Free Pixexix Pro
Can be used for any project (commercial or otherwise)
Can download all future versions of pixexix pro for free. -

What Pixexix will (probably) do later:
- project onto more than one texture at once
- work on Linux

What Pixexix will not do:
- Unwrap your model for you
- Make perfect textures
(due to the nature of projection, some pixel quality is lost, for best results
work in a higher resolution than you need, and tidy up the texture later)
- Simply walk into mordor

Download Pixexix Free: Buy Pixexix Pro (DRM free):
Pixexix Free (a.08)

Pixexix Free (a.08)

Contact me:
If you have any feedback and/or questions, you can send me an email (available on the contact page of my site)
or message me on twitter @S0phieH